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The Z-Wave Alliance has announced a new specification for the Z-Wave wireless smart home protocol that can increase the range at which Z-Wave devices can operate by a factor of four, while increasing the number of devices that can coexist on a Z-Wave network by a factor of 10.

Updated December 17, 2020 to report that the Z-Wave Long Range (Z-Wave LR) specification is now available for product development by members of the Z-Wave Alliance. The Z-Wave certification program will include Z-Wave LR by March, 2020, anticipating product launches throughout the year. Existing devices powered by Z-Wave 700 chips…

Every room in your house has them: power outlets, and they’re about as dumb as technology can be. To create a true smart home, you need to upgrade the way your wiring works, so that it can be controlled, managed, and monitored from afar.

You could hire an electrician to rip out your existing outlets and replace them with smart in-wall models, but there’s an easier, less-expensive way: Stick a smart plug in those outlets. They work just the way they sound: The outlet in the wall doesn’t change, you just configure the add-on plug using an app, connect…


A champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall

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